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What is sms.in?
sms.in offers free text messaging to all GSM/CDMA networks inside India for free, from your computer!
We are a leading end-to-end provider of Web and Mobile services to corporate and consumer markets. SMS.In aims to service corporate brands with a great focus on obtaining a quality output with a vibrant purpose.

Do I need an account to send Free SMS?
No, you don't need an account. You don't even need to register or to enter your email address. Its Simple Fast & Free. We also have an option where you can send any number of SMS with your name as Sender ID. For more details click here.

In which countries is the service available?
Currently people from across the globe can send free SMS to those who are residing in India. In our paid service we offer SMS to 498 networks across the globe.

Is this text messaging service really free? What's the catch?
This service is really free, with no strings attached. Just send a message and see for yourself!

Do you charge the recipients to receive the text messages?
No, we do not. However, the recipient might need to pay standard provider fees in order to receive message. To check whether or not fees are applied to receiving text messages, check the provider's website, or contact them directly.

I have a question about something. How can I ask?
Just go over to the Contact Page to send us an email! We provide customer support 24/7. Don't hesitate to send us an email!

I just got a message saying I've won something. Is this real?
No, we don't hold any contests. We only provide free text messaging. Someone sent you a message with a fake message saying you won something.

I received a threat message that was sent using your site. What to do?
Although this might be real, please consider the fact that it might just be one of your friends playing a prank on you. If you still believe that the message is serious, please contact us and we'll work it out with you directly. If you provide us with your number, we can put it into our "blocked numbers" list.

Can I advertise on your website?
Yes. You can advertise on our website. For more details click here.

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